Today: Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Date: ۱۳۹۳ دوشنبه ۵ آبان Time ۱۰:۴۰ Code: 1125
Beginning of Qur’an tournaments among Iran’s :
 Beginning of Qur’an tournaments among Iran’s Red Crescent relief workers for the first time in Razavi Holy Shrine


The second tournament of Quran as “Relief Heavenly Call” began this morning, attended by 93 rescue and relief workers in the aid sites in Mashhad, Iran.

 Second round matches of the Qur'an as “Relief Heavenly Call” started this morning at the conference hall of Mashhad Red Crescent martyrs rescuers and will continue for 3 days up to Sunday, November 4.

The second tournament of The Holy Quran as “Relief Heavenly Call” attended by 93 selected rescue and relief workers from the Iran aid sites held in Holly Shrine, Dar Al Hedaye. Rescue and relief workers compete with each other in the field of c memorizing, reading and interpretation of Quran.

It must be said that in the opening ceremony of the second tournament of the Holy Quran, a group of Quranic Pioneers including Mohammad sadegh Elmi ,Master at the University and Seminary, Master Abedin-Zadeh First in International Quran memorizing Competitions and outstanding reciter, Hamid Shker Nejad ,first place in Tehran International competition , also Managing Director of Khorasan Razavi Red Crescent Society attended together with Official Representative Office Of the Supreme Leader in Khorasan Razavi RCS and the other Provincial authorities.


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