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Date: ۱۳۹۴ شنبه ۶ تير Time ۱۴:۴۴ Code: 1130
 Deputy Governor of pilgrims coordination and management:
Using capacity of Khorasan RazaviRed Crescent to host pilgrims is necessary.
Deputy Governor of pilgrims coordination and management in Khorasan Razavi visit the doctor Ahmadi, CEO of Khorasan Razavi red crescent referring to the plans of the department of pilgrims and the importance of the normative culture Razavi said that:
Promotion and development of culture hosting for behavior modification is necessary to deal with pilgrims ofRazavi’s shrine.
Mr. Mohammad Hassan Vahedi stating that the role of Red Crescent in promoting and hosting the pilgrims of Imam Reza is high and he said that :
The use of Red crescents’ bases between cities and training the staffs, reliefs and rescue workers to deal and hosting of pilgrims and visitors is essential to maintain dignity.
He added:Source of origin, in coordination with the Hajj pilgrimage and cultural association with an attachment and distribution of pilgrimage for all seasons and years the volume of infrastructure to meet visitors in all seasons and during travel days is critical.
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