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Date: ۱۳۹۴ دوشنبه ۱۱ خرداد Time ۱۲:۱۳ Code: 1129
 Appreciation representing the Health Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva on the progress of health care projects in Mashhad, Golshahr.

It was announced at a meeting with the deputy director of theKhorasanrazavi Red Crescent:

Appreciation representing the Health Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva on the progress of health care projects in Mashhad Golshahr.

Ms. HolmefroyderGaradarsedotyr Health Committee of the Red Cross, and Mr. senopechakarjan psychotherapist’s office of the International Red Cross in Geneva, at the office of Mohsen Nejat the deputy director of the KhorasanrazaviRed Crescent show their appreciation ofKhorasan razavi Red Crescent’s cooperation in implementationproject services ofGolshahr health region and praised the progress of the project.

Public Relations of Khorasan's Red Crescent reported that: This meeting was continued with the presence of volunteers , cure andrehabilitation deputies and the representative office of the International Committee of the Red Cross was held in Tehran, Ms. Holmefroyder said, Views and studying of the project illustrates that progress has been positive. While we need the valuable experiences of Khorasan razavi’s Red crescent.

During the meeting, followed by a report on the programs of volunteers, cure and rehabilitation assistants, Red Crescent convoy of health, especially the health of Golshahr, Mr. Mohsen Nejat said in our Red crescent society there is knowing sympathy between Managers and staffs. Mostly there are different important programs in the forms of agreements and protocols will be implemented and followed up in earnest. He said the meetings and activities of humanitarian and relief of human suffering-minded parties to always address the aims of the Red Crescent, and we are looking to identify weaknesses and enhance
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